Terms and Conditions

NOTES (see also Conditions)

  1. Some 200 PROPERTIES form a portfolio which has accumulated over 30 years through recommendation and acquaintance. All are personally inspected by us before selection and regularly thereafter. Tenants' comments, and questionnaires returned after their holidays, are carefully studied with owners in order to make each house as pleasant as possible.
  2. The BATH office is open 10am to 6pm during weekdays, often much earlier and later - and also for several hours each weekend. A small network of local correspondents complements the Bath and Pomarède offices to ensure good LIAISON with owners and tenants on holiday.

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  3. Weekly prices quoted are generally for high season, unless otherwise stated, and for a period of two weeks or more. Single week bookings may give rise to a surcharge of 10-15%. Bookings for four weeks or more may give rise to a modest discount. Mid/low season prices vary generally from 80-50% of high season prices (according to property, dates and location). Low season prices may be negotiated.
  4. BOOKINGS, generally by telephone (01225) 310623 or 310822 can be held provisionally for a few days. Firm bookings give rise to an INITIAL PAYMENT of 43% (subject to modification by agreement, particularly for very early bookings) whereupon formal confirmation is posted including summary of financial arrangements, owner's name, address and telephone no. FINAL PAYMENT is due one month before start of holiday, together with a damage deposit of 10% (sometimes more for short or low-season bookings).
  5. Prices quoted in EUROS may be paid in Euros or, as is usual, in £ STERLING, at the exchange rate at the time of payment.
  6. TERMS exclude ferry or other travel arrangements, which we do not provide but upon which we can advise. Unless otherwise stated, energy is included in high season but at other times is extra. Linen is only supplied when specified and telephone when available is extra.
  7. RENTALS tend to run, by custom, Saturday 18h to Saturday noon, but we try to accommodate other arrival and departure days where possible.
  8. All swimming pools, now covered by French safety regulations, have inherent risks, young children should not be allowed to wander near them unaccompanied, and the whole party on arrival should carefully note their location and layout, together with any warning locally posted.
  9. Nearly all French countryside houses have DRAINAGE to septic tanks (fosses septiques). It is very important to use toilet facilities only as intended and to follow any further instructions locally advised.
  10. The Agent or one of his local correspondents may visit tenants during their stay, and will send a QUESTIONNAIRE for their comments at the time of the deposit refund.
  11. All TELEPHONE numbers in France have 10 digits (eg our Pomarède office 0565 36 60 23) and can be dialled from anywhere in France using those 10 digits, Calls abroad are dialled 00 country code (UK is 44) then area code without the first 0, and subscriber number.
  12. Very great care should be taken over the fire risk from BARBECUES, particularly in wooded areas and during drought. Bonfires in S. France are frowned on and generally prohibited.

Martin Sturge CONDITIONS

  1. Over 31 years this business has flourished on a commitment to accuracy and thoroughness of information, thoughtful advice on selection, quality and promptness of service and helpfulness at all times. Its longstanding and well established arrangements with owners in France do not however remove its reliance upon them, alluded to within these CONDITIONS which form the BASIS of our tenant's contracts and should be carefully noted. Booking and payment procedures are dealt with separately (see Notes).
  2. Martin Sturge acts as AGENT for the individual property owners and contracts with the tenants in this capacity, in the owner's name and on his behalf. The contract comes into existence upon despatch of the contract confirmation to the tenant after receipt of the tenant's firm booking and initial payment. The confirmation forms part of the contract. The contract is governed by English law.
  3. Whilst taking every care to ensure that holiday arrangements proceed properly, Martin Sturge does not own, manage or control the properties entrusted to him for letting and cannot accept responsibility for the property or for the acts and/or defaults of the owner, caretaker or other person or body who is not employed by him. Martin Sturge however accepts responsibility for the acts and/or defaults of his employees.
  4. Close attention should be paid to the SLEEPING CAPACITY of our properties, which may not be EXCEEDED without prior written permission of the owner or agent.
  5. The RENTAL PERIOD, unless otherwise specified or agreed, starts at 6pm on the day of arrival and ends at 12 noon on the day of departure. Tenants are expected to arrive between 6pm and 8pm (unless otherwise stated) and to inform the owner/caretaker of any unforeseen or last minute alteration in arrival time (eg due to ferry or journey times - breakdowns etc).
  6. a) BEDDING includes pillows, blankets or duvets, bedcovers etc but unless otherwise specified or agreed, rental terms do not include the provision of sheets, pillowcases and towels, which tenants are courteously reminded to take with them.
    b) Tenants are also reminded to use bedding as intended and not in any circumstances remove same to garden, pool etc.
    c) Omission to take linen etc or improper or careless use of bedding may give rise to a charge for cleaning or replacement.
  7. EQUIPMENT in French houses may differ a little from ours, due to local customs. We encourage owners to equip and maintain their houses to a good standard, and with certain basic suggestions, rely upon their natural initiative and expect any omission to be made good by them on request. The SAFETY aspects of their premises and other facilities are governed by the requirements of French law.
  8. a) BREAKAGES/DAMAGE should if possible be replaced by the tenant and anyway notified to the owner before leaving.
    b) Before departure, the tenant should leave the property in a state of tidiness and cleanliness as he would wish to find it, and allow for convenient inspection by agreeing departure time well beforehand with the owner/caretaker. Thereafter the owner advises the agent of any unreplaced breakages, extras such as linen, domestic help, energy, and telephone (charge for statement and calls), and any charge for neglected cleaning.
    c) Damage deposits are refunded by the Bath office upon receipt of the owner's clearance, at the sterling value received less any deductions. Please note that this can take from one to three months, depending particularly on receipt of French telephone bills.
  9. CANCELLATION by the tenant should be notified as soon as possible by telephone and also in writing, but may give rise to forfeiture of all monies paid (except damage deposit) except at the Agent's sole discretion, taking into account the time and circumstances of cancellation and the cost and feasability of rebooking. We attempt to relet vacancies thus occurring and also to assist with other changes which may be requested, and reserve the right to pass on any consequent expenses or rental charges. Holiday INSURANCE covering cancellation, damage and other risks is strongly recommended.
  10. On rare occasions, a property may become unavailable or be WITHDRAWN, usually for reasons beyond the agent's and the owner's control. In such circumstances the agent must reserve the right to cancel and will advise the tenant straightaway, seeking to offer him alternative accommodation. If such alternative accommodation is not available, or not acceptable to the tenant, all payments received from him will be refunded.
  11. The QUALITY of properties is kept under careful review through routine inspection by the agent and careful attention to suggestions and questionnaires received from tenants, whose comments are indispensable to our success.
  12. Any PROBLEMS encountered by a tenant should be reported immediately to the owner/caretaker so that they may be swiftly rectified. Serious or persistent difficulties should without delay be reported to the agent's Bath office - telephone no from France 00 44 1225 310623 or 310822 - and Pomarède office (in high summer) - telephone 0565 36 60 23 so that the Agent may assist in their resolution. The provision of such assistance by the Agent does not imply acceptance of liability, but is given in the rare instances of need with great readiness and goodwill. Should the Agent not receive prompt notice of such difficulties, during the holiday, he will be unable to offer helpful assistance, nor other remedy.
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